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Alaskan PAC-15000-A Air Conditioner Manual

Alaskan ( website now gone) Air Conditioner where a sub company of 'Instyle Products Ltd' in Hertfordshire as far as i can tell, the company went under in 2011 (see companys house), i ended up getting a copy of the manual for this air conditioner from
i also have put a local copy here

JVC VN-C3U Software/Drivers

This is kinda old, and very hard to get the software from JVC's Website i found, so i put a copy here (Their website simply didn't work)

My World Of Warcraft Movies

i'v uploaded most/all of my wow moves from EU Draenor Server
the files are kind of large though

World of Warcraft Movies

mIRC Sounds

A sound pack for mirc, go fetch

Vorv's First ever game of Quake

Click here to get (right click save as)
13.9 MB (14,643,200 bytes)
format is divx (and mp3 sound)

Revenge Clan Duel 1 - The Sacred Stone (Quake 2 Map)

Click here to Download Map (418KB)
Click Here for Readme
Click Here for Eraser Bot Route (15KB)

The map is basicly four rooms with corridors

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot