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My Single board 486

Model SB486PV

made by

ICS Advent

i think they where bought by Kontron

current setup
P24T (83mhz pentium Overdrive)
16meg ram (it needs parity simms, 64 (2x32) is the max it can take)
1 gig hdd
ISA network card
Trident ISA video card

my one is the cheapy 128kb cache and no on board video, oh well, can't have everything :)

don't ever flash the bios unless you have to ! I upgraded the cpu, and while i was at it i thought i'd update the bios too, bad idea !

the update process is, hold down CTRL + Home and power on
this doesn't really give me the choice of backing up the bios...

anyway after flashing, it came up with:  "static resource error"

anyway, nice bloke at ICS sent me the old bios's after some playing around and it worked

here is a local copy of the files if you need them, but i recommend you go to the proper site and get the files


Spec Pic Main Back Inside Inside

Jimmy Parker showing his l33t hacks4w ski11z !

(this was after we spent about 3-4 of us spent about an hour holding the metal casing while jimmy sawed the 2 joints off) seeming as Jimmy also put up with Nicks whining all day cos his new pc wouldn't work, Only god knows how he is still sane

Auction Box Auction Box

We tryed simply owning the case to start with. crowbars n hammer stuff :) Although fun, we gave up on that after a while, got a hacksaw and chopped the joints

Jimmy Parker Jimmy Parker Jimmy Parker Jimmy Parker Jimmy Parker

Platypus Qikdrive8

Qikdrive 8

I own one of these with 4 gig of ram in it, and it kicks ass :)

if you are interested in buying my qikdrive, or just want more info from someone who has one of these, please free free to contact me via E-Mail, IRC, IM etc, bare in mind i may not by there to reply instantly...

Qikdrive Benchmark

Platypus Tech ceased to exist as of Feb 2004

bit of a bummer if you need drivers for em ...
This might be handy if you want to look around the website as it was

I'v put up a local copy of drivers for Qikdrive (should be ok with qikdrive2 and 8), the 'all drivers' zip file is prob the last version that was made, i can only assume if you have a Qikcache the drivers are the same, you can try force them if you want, the hardware is the same as far as i know, Qikdrive has external power, Qikcache doesn't, also Qikdata was a product platypus made

Apple OS 9
Freebsd (doesn't say any versions)
Linux (covering 2.2 and 2.4 kernels, 2.2 for i386 and alpha, 2.4 i386 only)
Solaris (Both intel and sparc, no version info)
Windows (win98, nt4, 2k, v1.02)

(On powerup qikdrive auto formats it's ram as fat16, named QD8-A1 with Serial 1234-5678, if more than 4gig, multiple drives are created)

I would very much like to make contact with anyone who worked in platypus (I want a copy of the drivers sourcecode), not that i'm any good at making drivers for windows, or any info, chip specs, or anyone who knows anything, support needed for Windows 64bit , linux 2.6 etc

Companys House info on Platypus, before it disappears:

Name & Registered Office :
Status :Proposal to Strike off 
Company No. : 03848511
Date of Incorporation : 27/09/1999
Country of Origin : United Kingdom
Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature Of Business (SIC(92)):
7260 - Other computer related activities
Accounting Reference Date : 31/12
Last Accounts Made Up To : 31/12/2001 (FULL)
Next Accounts Due : 31/10/2003 OVERDUE
Last Return Made Up To : 27/09/2002
Next Return Due : 25/10/2003 OVERDUE
Last Members List : 27/09/2002
Previous Names
No previous name information has been recorded over the last 20 years.
Branch Details
There are no branches associated with this company.
Oversea Company Information
There are no Oversea Details associated with this company.

Info from my Qikdrive8 as seen by Sysoft Sandra, note Hypertec Pty Ltd, i can only assume they made the actual controller chips (i think hypertec designed the software/config/bios that runs the card, it doesn't help much though)

Device Information
Device Type : SCSI Disk Controller
Device ID : bus 1, device 9, function 0
Windows Device Name : Platypus QikDrive
OEM Device Name : Hypertec Pty Ltd ??? (0208)
OEM Hardware ID : FUN_0, VEN_118B, DEV_0208, REV_00
Device Name : Hypertec Pty Ltd ??? (0208)
Product ID : VEN_564C, DEV_0001
Revision : A / 1 (0)