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"APIC Module Not Inserted"

Error message during bootup with PC chips MB720 (prob other motherboards too)

without the APIC module, your dual motherboard will only work using the single cpu

Download Manual for MB720


PC chips MB720 Apic Module

ECS / Elitegroup D6VAA and Linux 2.6 kernel Problems

Linux 2.6smp and ECS D6VAA moans about IRQ problems when you use the network, and basicly kills the network off in smp kernel, but it's fine in single cpu mode, the problem doesn't effect the Gigabyte GA-6VTXD (gigabytes version of the same board basicly), so it looks like it's down to quality of ECS being ermm not so (it's pc chips, what do you expect)

the board doesn't seem to have a fully working APIC (Advanced Processor Interrupt Controller), so you have to make linux use older PIC mode

anyway, easy fix, just add cpu option 'noapic' to the boot options of your kernel, the following example for grub, you only need to add noapic to the smp kernel


ECS / Elitegroup D6VAA Modded Bios

this gives you control over the each cpu voltage, i tryed it on my verson 1.1 non raid D6VAA
works a treat :) - dated 11/22/2000

check here too for nice thread on

i'm not sure if this will work with the raid version, i forgot since it was ages ago :(

this is a copy of the file from the forum, i havn't used this one myself